At MARIAM SEDDIQ we believe it is up to us to make a change. We consider sustainable manufacturing one of our primary goals in business. We believe that our planet is dependent on our practices. That’s why we have brought to life sustainable practices regarding our company.

We wanted to start making a difference in what we know. We know that fashion is one of the biggest threats to our planet because of the trend of fast fashion and consumerism. Through our collections, we wanted to move beyond this idea. We have reconsidered the fashion calendar, and instead release collections inspired by concepts rather than seasons. Creating pieces that can find a home in your wardrobe forever, is our contribution to reducing fast fashion.

We do not hold seasonal sales as we focus on value rather than seasonal trends and wastage. At Mariam Seddiq we wanted to create a business that did not rely on this. When you shop with us you know that you will be receiving a one-off custom piece that has been handcrafted right here in Sydney especially for you.

With fast fashion one of the biggest offenders, we have ensured that we reduce our fabric waste. We want to extend our fabric’s lifecycle by ensuring we utilise every piece of fabric. Achieving this for us means that we only purchase fabric when we receive an order. Handcrafted from our studio in the heart of Sydney we know the exact fabric necessities for each garment and prevent wasting material.

If we ever do have spare fabric we ensure it never goes in the trash. Mariam Seddiq will utilise offcuts in new pieces and often finds inspirations from these. We believe fabric has a circular lifecycle and can be repurposed and reused countless times. Spare fabric will be turned into buttons or shared with aspiring designers to help them invest in slow fashion. This mindset has attributed to some of our most creative collection pieces, highlighting that no piece of fabric is waste.