MARIAM SEDDIQ is a Sydney based Pret-a-Couture designer who knows no boundaries, MARIAM is known for her sculptural art-like silhouettes.

This custom service offers bespoke evening wear and tailoring for any upcoming event or even just going down to the supermarket in style. If you want a classy custom dress, chic corset, flattering trousers, sexy skirt, or a sophisticated blazer, look no further.

Or even if one of the ready-to-wear pieces interest you, we offer the option to get it custom tailored so it fits like a glove.


To alter pieces from our current, ready-to-wear collections or design your own couture piece, it's recommended to have a session with MARIAM to help the vision come to life. 

 Although we consider ourselves magicians, please allow sufficient time for us to prep and create your masterpiece. 

Get in touch and push the boundaries for your next event.